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To Oil or Not to Oil Teak Wood unfinished furniture legs feet

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Teak wood has long been treasured for the beauty of its grain, golden color and timeless durability. Teak has been a favored material for use abroad ships and yachts and for use in outdoor unfinished furniture legs feet.

When teak patio unfinished furniture legs feet is exposed to the sun and weather, the natural oils migrate to the surface of the wood. The sun then oxidizes this oil and turns the surface a silver-gray color. Over extended periods of time this process depletes the wood of its natural oils causing surface roughness and checking (cracks along the grain of the wood) and the oxidized surface oil provides fertile ground for the growth and mildew and fungus. This process, along with the erosion caused by the wind and rain, will eventually make the surface dirty, unsightly and very rough to the touch.

Most authorities on teak denounce the use of teak oils. Because teak oil is usually solvent based, the use of such oils can actually destroy the natural oils in the teak wood. Also, once you begin using it, you will need to continue applications which can be as often as once per month. I also dislike the reddish colour you get after treating unfinished furniture legs feet with teak oil.

A much better option is to use a teak sealer. Teak sealer is extensively used in the yachting and marine circles. (If its good enough for marine type environment where the Teak wood is exposed to seawater, then imagine how good it really is!) It leaves the unfinished furniture legs feet a golden brown colour which is much more attractive and keeps the ‘expensive’ look of the teak. It is the only product I recommend to use on teak unfinished furniture legs feet.

There are a variety of “teak oils” on the market for the protection of teak which usually consists of linseed or tung oil mixed with mineral spirits. When first applied to the wood these oils impart a nice finish, but left outdoors teak oils wear away in weeks and require re-coating. With each re-coat, the oiled finish becomes darker and the surface becomes sticky and collects dirt. The organic waste from these oils provides a wonderful garden patch for the growth of mold and mildew. In a very short period of time the wood requires a complete re-cleaning.

If teak has been allowed to weather, the gray color and any mildew must be removed before finishing the wood. Prior to any application of teak sealer, you will need to clean the teak wood with washing and mild detergent prior to seasonal recoating with a teak sealer. This will preserve the teak in its natural state for many years.

I personally much prefer the silver colour teak eventually turns to. Remember it is not the same dull grey that you tend to see with cheaper thomasville furniture. It is much more vibrant silver then grey. With very light sanding to take the rough edge every few years, the inexpensive baby furniture free shipping really looks beautiful.

Wall stickers on Ikea unfinished furniture legs feet. What fun!

Wall decals were all the rage a while back. Now they’ve made their way onto unfinished furniture legs feet too. Rick gives a chipped Ikea Klubbo coffee table the cover up. It’s a pretty simple way to refresh tired unfinished furniture legs feet.

Wall stickers on Ikea furniture. What fun!Wall stickers on Ikea furniture. What fun!Wall stickers on Ikea furniture. What fun!

See more of Rick’s vinyl covered coffee table and chair.

Living Room unfinished furniture legs feet

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house in where your family will spends their time to organizes holidays and parties, receives visitors and relaxes (Home Design). That is the reason why We need to arrange and design Our living room to put Our self comfortable at home, including choose of living room’s unfinished furniture legs feet models.

Living Room Furniture
You can see Our photo gallery about living room unfinished furniture legs feet items, Home furnishing styles including leather, traditional, contemporary, and modern with an expanding selection of sectionals and recliners.

Living Room Furniture

Living room unfinished furniture legs feet Chair

Living Room Furniture
Living room unfinished furniture legs feet Sofa

Living room rob and stucky furniture store are including Chair, Sofa, Table, Small cabinet and Big cabinets. In order to get nice look, You have to decide first whether you want to set your living room as traditional design, modern design or romantic design. After that you can start to choose kind of living room unfinished furniture legs feet, color and models according to the living room situation.

Living Room Furniture

Living room unfinished furniture legs feet Small Cabinets

Living Room Furniture
Living room unfinished furniture legs feet Big Cabinets

Ensure that your living room unfinished furniture legs feet match with your existing decor and enhance the look of your living room. Whether you need an entertainment center, occasional tables, or any other living room unfinished furniture legs feet items.